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The power of approaching dual task from 2 disciplines! Josefa Domingos, a physiotherapist from Portugal and John Dean, a speech and language pathologist from the US are doing amazing and creative things to challenge and maximize the progress of their clients with PD!

Josefa and John work with clients in various creative environments and are working to understand more about how and when we use dual task challenges with our clients through research.

Check out a sample of their exercises below:

Highlights and an overview of the Triad exercise program at the world Parkinson's Congress (WPC2019), hosted in Kyoto, Japan in June 2018

Josefa is currently completing a PhD at Radboud University in the Netherlands, under the supervision of Dr. Bas Bloem while maintaining a full practice with clients and acting as the national healthcare coordinator for the APDPk (the premier Parkinson’s advocacy organization from Portugal). Her area of research focuses upon development of community programs for Parkinson’s, highlighting the importance of physiotherapy and other expert clinical input in the design and performance of community exercise activities.

John is a speech language pathologist, specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s and related disorders since 2007. In addition to his clinical work, he has been involved in a number of Parkinson’s-related technology projects and startups. Previously, he was the founder and director of a network of interdisciplinary Parkinson’s rehab programs modeled upon the ParkinsonNet program from the Netherlands and developed several networks of interdisciplinary Parkinson’s teams based upon this model for a large skilled nursing company in the US. Currently based in Portugal, when he’s not working on his current startup, he can be found riding his bike in the hills around Lisbon and sampling the local foods and wines.

NeuroCollaborative has NO financial relationship with John and Josefa. We are simply presenting this because we all love educating and giving back to our neuro community, which helps elevate us all!


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