Beyond the Basics: Dystonia Evaluation and Treatment

Beyond the Basics: Dystonia Evaluation and Treatment


The Neuro Rehab Professional's guide to the most effective and up-to-date evaluation and treatment strategies for your patients diagnosed with any form of Dystonia.


  • Video lectures,
  • Case-studies,
  • Cheat-sheets, 
  • Evaluation templates,
  • Assessment PDFs, and
  • Access to our online community of Neuro Rehab Pros for feedback and guidance.
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How do you feel when you see this on your new patient referral form:



... Are you 100% confident you know how to assess them thoroughly?

... Do you have a toolbag full of versitile, highly effective treatment techniques?

If yes, congratulations! You've achieved neuro rehab nirvana. 

If not - and like most you still get a tad apprehensive about that upcoming Dystonia evaluation - you're in the right place.

We've created a complete guide to dystonia evaluation and treatment that goes beyond the basics and addresses: 

  • The essential sensory testing you need to be doing (with video demonstrations) with every patient with dystonia
  • How to classify sensory disorders effectively and translate them into effective treatment techniques
  • Which outcome measures best reveal deficits associated with dystonia
  • The subjective portion of your examination (including patient handouts to set them up for success)
  • Components of an effective movement analysis (so you don't waste your time on tests that don't matter)
  • How to interpret and incorporate sEMG results 
  • Treatment techniques including: sensory tricks, TENS, vibration, kinesiotaping, postural re-edu, mirror therapy, inversion, weighted vests, manual techniques, and more.

Dystonia Mini-Course Bonuses:

  • Dystonia Questionnaire & Objective Measures Toolkit (7 in total)
  • Cervical Dystonia - Evaluation Cheat-Sheet (PDF)
  • Cervical Dystonia - Treatment Cheat-Sheet (PDF)
  • Dystonia Evaluation and Treatment Cheat-Sheet (PDF)