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A collaborative professional network that maximizes your impact, your career path, and the profession, one month at a time.


You are frustrated because

  • You’re neuro practice is not growing as quickly or as well as you’d like

  • It is impossible to start new programs in your current job because of red tape and bureaucracy in a large organization

  • The growth opportunities in your current job feel non-existent because there is so little room to grow or you don’t want the next position

  • The neuro job you desire doesn’t exist in your area or feels out of reach to you

  • You don’t know what your next career move should be


  • Creating a new path for yourself that allows you the freedom to serve the neuro population as you desire

  • Serving neuro patients beyond what standard protocol dictates with creativity and passion

  • Feeling confident about career and business decisions that will allow you to advocate for yourself and your neuro patients

  • Finding the courage to break boundaries for yourself and your patients with the support and connection of other like-minded neuro practitioners

  • Creating a career that completely matches your strengths, fulfills you, AND allows you to live your life fully

This is the NeuroCollaborative’s


A collaborative professional network that maximizes your impact, your career path, and the profession, one month at a time.

The success path to career freedom

Our success path blue print will take you from being a Neuro Lover to being the Neuro Super Clinician of your dreams!

What does that transformation look like?

Go from feeling like:

  • You’re failing your patients because they don’t get the quality or length of care they need and they fall through the cracks

  • You’re stuck and don’t see options to advance your career in neuro

  • Your ideas aren’t being heard when you want to start new programs

  • You’re afraid to take the leap to start your own side gig or business

  • You don’t have anyone who thinks like you or is as passionate about neuro

To feeling like:

  • An expert neuro clinician working in the role of your dreams

  • An inspiration and sought-out mentor to other clinicians

  • The leader of a team and patients who rave and will never leave you

  • A boss running neuro programs profitably and successfully with ease

  • You’re operating in your highest potential by doing work in your zone of genius

….If you have felt any of the frustrations above - you belong here!

….If you want more for your patients, for yourself, and for the profession than your tiny position in a huge organization allows - you belong here!

…If you question your contribution or feel unsatisfied in your position and aren’t sure what to do - you belong here!

If you’re constantly feeling tired and overwhelmed at work - you belong here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the NeuroTribe?

The NeuroTribe is a paid power network of neuro health professionals. Membership consists of monthly content that could include video activities, learning parties, handouts, live Q&A sessions, coaching sessions, video interviews of other neuro leaders, a private community, and accountability groups. What it is not: the NeuroTribe is not for the therapist looking only for clinical mentoring, treatment ideas, or resources for patients. Some of this will occur but it is not the sole purpose of the NeuroTribe.

2) How do I join the NeuroTribe?

The NeuroTribe is only open a few times a year in order for us to focus as much energy as possible on our current group of members. Please click the button that says “Join Now” to be taken to the page to join. We are only open from March 25th-28th so don’t miss out! We will not offer the network at this price again, and when you join now you will keep your rate for as long as you remain a member in good standing. Because we are still growing and shaping our community, we have the opportunity to offer you a very low price!

3) Who is the NeuroTribe for?

The NeuroTribe is for the passionate neuro therapist or exercise professional who wants to create a lasting impact on the world of neuro therapy and wellness. Someone who wants a strong network to collaborate with, problem solve with, and grow with professionally. In business there are high powered groups called Masterminds where business owners get together to share ideas and grow professionally, elevating themselves and everyone in it. This is the aim of the NeuroTribe: to help you reach your career goals by providing a road map, learning parties and resources, and to connect you to other like-minded professionals. We are highly committed to finding the right fit. The NeuroTribe is not for everyone so please ask us any questions you have to ensure the fit! We’d be happy to answer emails or jump on a quick video call to see if it’s right for you. Email us at

4) What if I change my mind?

You are not signed into a contract and may cancel the NeuroTribe at any time! Monthly members may cancel at any time. Annual members must cancel within 30 days for a full refund.


Wanna hear more??

Watch the videos below to learn more about how to expand your impact, about the NeuroTribe Success Path, and what is included in the membership!

Learn my story and how you can create your dream career with the NeuroTribe. Have some frustrations or helpful points of your own? Tell us about them in the comments!

Your road map to the career of your dreams. Where are you on your career journey? In this video I talk about the different stages you may be at and how to work your way into your dream position with the NeuroTribe.
The NeuroTribe is designed for the BUSY neuro professional. It is NOT meant to be intensive or overwhelming. You can take things at your own pace! You will get content and have activities every month, gain AMAZING connections, and get the support you need to help you make those career moves through accountability so you can stop saying "some day I will ____" Watch this video to learn more!

About Us

Erin headshot

Hi, I’m Erin Gallardo, PT, DPT, NCS. I'm excited to meet you!  I am a board certified neurologic clinical specialist with a doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have worked in inpatient rehab, home health, and outpatient neuro as an owner and director of wellness programing, marketing, and team and customer experiences. When I’m not treating patients and mentoring other neuro therapists, you can find me running many miles, doing yoga, relaxing at the beach, or geeking out on neuroplasticity with other like-minded NeuroNerds.  I am passionate about all things that help us gain a better understanding of ourselves and achieve our highest potential.  I can't wait to work with you!


Hi, I'm Claire McLean, PT, DPT, NCS.  My passion is working with people who have Parkinson’s disease. I give them the tools to improve their fitness and overall health and help them live their best life with Parkinson's. I earned a doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Southern California (USC), and completed the Rancho/USC neurologic residency program gaining my neurologic clinical specialty certification. My experience at USC started me on the path to specializing with individuals with neurologic conditions and when I saw the incredible potential in people with Parkinson's I knew I found my calling!  In fact, I started a private practice called Rogue Physical Therapy & Wellness to work with individuals with Parkinson's to help them live fuller and better lives.  I love to keep a diverse professional schedule so in addition to my wellness programs at Rogue I have also been involved in many research studies and teaching. Currently I teach courses for physical and occupational therapists and fitness professionals around the United States and internationally on research-based exercise for persons living with Parkinson’s. I’m passionate about advocacy, and I’m excited to have you join us to improve the world for people with neurologic diagnosis together!


Erin and Claire have been friends and peers for over 10 years.  We have run many miles together, collaborated professionally many times together, and helped each other through many career changes and pivots!  We are so excited for the NeuroTribe to help passionate neuro professionals like yourself create the career of your dreams!  

In the photo: Here we are before the Chicago Marathon Oct 7th, 2018 dressed in our "throw away" clothes to stay warm before the race!

We both use this email. Please contact us at

What is included in the NeuroTribe:

Every month you will receive content or support to help you move forward to carve out your dream career.  

Whether you have thoughts of opening your own business, building your current business, or crafting a position in your current organization that will give you more impact, we will help you get there.

  1. Education Modules (aka “Learning Parties”) with our NeuroTribe Core Content 

  2. Live Video Conferencing and Coaching

  3. Private Community for Networking

  4. Accountability group meetings for individualized goal setting and making progress

Low Time Commitment - We are all super busy.  The NeuroTribe is NOT a heavy time commitment and not meant to make you more busy or overwhelm you.  We know that that would be counter-productive!  In fact, it will help you save time because moving forward toward your dream career takes a lot of effort and struggle when you are going at it alone.  You will move through the content at your own pace.  We anticipate approximately 3-4 hours of commitment per month.

Deliverables via email - You will receive weekly emails from us with handouts, information, or to check in with you.  Nothing overwhelming or spammy, just keeping you in the loop!

Private Community - You will be invited to our private community to build relationships with other like-minded professionals.  The community will be used for Q&A, networking, collaborating, sharing information, problem-solving, learning from each other, and more.

Live Video Conferencing - Get your questions answered, learn from us and others in the group, listen to interviews and presentations from top neuro leaders, learn from other members in the "hot seat", and more! 

Accountability Groups - Once a month you will have the opportunity to work in small groups made up of other members. Here you will share what you are working on, what your goals are, what your obstacles are, and how you would like the group to help you stay accountable to your dreams (or just to support you through a rough patch!)

Have you ever felt like going at a big goal alone was really difficult? Keeping yourself moving forward without dropping the ball is a challenge when life is so busy.  Having people to encourage, nudge, and help you get to the goals you've set for yourself is paramount to reaching them!  There's no pushing and shoving here, just a team on your side to help you get where you wanted to go or support you if you pivot. 

Other Member Benefits - We are a collaborative bunch! You will be able to help us craft and create this into a program most beneficial to you and future members! You will get your price for as long as you remain a member in good standing. Our utmost priority is for this program to be meaningful and helpful to you as you create your dream career.


Bonus: It costs less than a con ed course w/ 100x the bang by implementing what you learn throughout the year!

Our content cannot be found any where else in PT. These are the tools needed for all professionals that we were not taught in school!

Questions? Please contact us at

We’d be so happy to hear from you! We’d also love to jump on a video call if you want to talk more about whether the NeuroTribe would be right for you!

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"My single biggest challenge to understanding how to progress my career prior to working with the NeuroCollaborative was not having a "sounding board" and trying to figure it all out by myself. It was extremely helpful to have colleagues who listened, understood, and shared with me to help me figure out what my strengths were and how to use those strengths to take my career to the next level."  -Emily Borchers, PT, DPT


"I was so accustomed to having a next step or knowing how to take my practice to the next level, I felt lost as to how to propel my professional growth forward. I realize that management is not necessarily the next step for me, but I don't work near a PT program where I could teach, so I assumed owning my own practice must be the next step, but the NeuroCollaborative helped me see other options.  Now that I've experienced [working with the NeuroCollaborative] I think it's vital for people to experience something like it throughout their careers in order to focus their professional aspirations and goals. As PT's we rarely think about what we need in our professional lives. Rather, we think about what we need to do to help our patients. I think a reasonable comparison would be to priests. In my faith priests go on sabbatical and clergy retreats to keep their own selves nourished and healthy. As PT's we should do something similar."  -Michelle Nadalin, PT, DPT, NCS

The aim of the NeuroTribe is to empower therapists to create the changes needed for our profession, our patients lives, and our own lives.

By coming together, we have the power to make a huge impact on the world!


We only open a few times a year. Join our waitlist to be alerted when we open again!