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197: How To Apply The Principles of Neuroplasticity To OT With Briana Elson, MS, OTR/L

Jan 22, 2024

Making every session as effective as possible is the goal of a good therapist. It’s critical for helping patients recover function. Want to talk about the principles of neuroplasticity as they apply to occupational therapy? On today’s show we’ll discuss the first 5 principles from the Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation (EBRSR) 2018 update and provide examples of how to apply them in OT practice. Briana Elson, MS, OTR/L, BCPR, CBIS is an OT clinician and mentor at a top rehabilitation hospital with a goal of helping all OTs provide consistent high-level care no matter where they work or who they work with.

Principles discussed today:

  • Use it or lose it with prism glasses
  • Use it and improve it with bilateral arm training, CIMT, mirror therapy and mental practice
  • Specificity with task specific training using FES, PSFS and COPM
  • Repetition matters with EMG triggered NMES, amount of reps needed/time needed, and robotics
  • Intensity matters with VR training, HRR (75-85%), aerobic exercise, strength training, and dual task training