Lower Extremity Spasticity: 3 Clinical Takeaways for the Clinic Tomorrow


Lower extremity spasticity is challenging to address when trying to improve functional movement. This webinar will provide 3 specific strategies to improve functional outcomes for people limited by lower extremity spasticity.


Community Exercise Classes for People with Parkinson's: Beyond Insurance-Based Therapy


In this webinar, Claire McLean will dive deep on how to address the limitations of home exercise programs and help clients more by identifying the different types of classes you could offer based on the space and equipment you have available.


Trunk Activation and Control


This is a 2-part webinar where JJ Mowder-Tinney will focus on acute care, inpatient rehab, and the skilled nursing facility settings for Part 1 and then progress to home care and outpatient for Part 2.

You'll be provided with key takeaways and multiple options on how to improve trunk control with patients of all varying levels.


Foundations of Vision Therapy


In this webinar, Dr. Melissa Zarn will provide an overview of the visual system, the impact of neurologic impairment on visual function, and introduce neuro-optometric rehabilitation concepts.


Stance is the Key to Swing in Gait (2-Part Series)


Focusing on stance phase will result in improving swing phase. 

This 2-part series will concentrate on stance phase and we'll discuss a variety of strategies to incorporate in your session.

You'll be provided with key takeaways and multiple options to work on improving stance no matter the assist level, or setting, of your patient.

You'll leave this webinar with improved confidence with stance phase – and a resultant better swing phase!


Increasing Intensity for Patients with Greater Mobility Challenges


Inside we’re gonna talk about:

  • Multiple strategies for implementing a variety of challenging interventions in different functional positions.
  • Coming away with treatment ideas you can use tomorrow
  • Improving your confidence and repertoire for treating patients with mobility challenges

3-Part Series on How to Build Your Dream Wellness Practice


Learn how you can get started in building your own wellness practice.

Part 1: Getting Started with Group Classes

Part 2: Growth and Specialized Wellness Assessments

Part 3: Online Programs and Individual Wellness Offerings


Mastering Extensor Thrust in Gait - Treatment Ideas

Part 1

Are you commonly frustrated by this gait deviation? 

Then this LIVE power hour is for you!

The focus will be on the most important measures you need to assess to pick appropriate interventions.  You will leave with specific strategies to help you start to address this issue the next day in clinic all for FREE!

Led by JJ Mowder-Tinney PT, PhD, NCS, CSRS, CEEAA


Mastering Extensor Thrust in Gait - Actual Patient Cases

Part 2

JJ Mowder-Tinney PT, PhD, NCS, CSRS, c/NDT, CEEAA provides mentoring and creative problem-solving on the spot so that you learn skills to get your neuro patients better, faster!



Curious about us and what we can do together? Check out some of our favorite videos here!

We talk about practice issues and concerns, to residency or not to residency, neuro wellness programs, starting your own business or side gig, burn out, and how to make your switch from one setting to another easily!

But wait, check out our personal favorite first -  How Neuro PT Wellness Transforms! 

Hope for Parkinson's - Physical Therapy Can Turn 3 Bad Years into 30 Good Ones

The NeuroCollaborative is an online community of healthcare professionals devoted to improving access to life changing physical therapy, for individuals with neurologic conditions. There is so much research to support exercise and physical therapy for individuals with Parkinsons disease. We are fortunate enough to see the amazing benefits of physical therapy and exercise for our clients on a daily basis.


The Issue of Burnout

Let's address the burn out issue in PT. If you feel burned out, think you might be, or know someone who is, watch this video!


Should you do a Neuro Physical Therapy Residency?

At NeuroCollaborative, we are all about being the best neuro physical therapists we can be! We are life long learners and try to stay up to date with all the research and clinical advances. One option for Neuro PTs is doing a residency. Claire did a residency and shares her experience.


The Top 5 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Own Biz or Side Gig

Love Neuro? Love your job but not completely? Ever thought about stepping out on your own but you're not sure where to start?! This video is for you!


Different Business Models in Neuro

What are our options for different business models as Neuro PTs? Feel like starting a neuro practice is too difficult? Don't want to run a neuro practice like an ortho practice. Tune in here!


Let's Talk Neuro Wellness Programs

Are you confused about the difference between therapy and wellness in the neuro population? Do you struggle with the #1 issue most neuro therapists have around offering wellness? Not sure how you should start your wellness program? The video below is perfect for you!



You can find more videos from us on our NeuroCollaborative YouTube channel. If you have a topic you’d like us to talk about, don't hesitate to reach out! Email us at [email protected] and let us know!


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