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196: Rapidly Improving Outcomes For Chronic Stroke Survivors With Vivistim

Jan 15, 2024

On today’s show we interviewed Amanda Saylor and Becca Carr, aka @neuro_OTs on Instagram, about an exciting, relatively new piece of technology advancing outcomes for stroke survivors called Vivistim. This device is the first FDA approved implantable device for rehab for upper extremity recovery. It was approved in August 2021 and is being used in many cities across the US for people with chronic, ischemic stroke in addition to intensive therapy. In the show you’ll learn:

  • The results of the randomize, placebo controlled triple blind study that paved the way for the FDA approval
  • How the device works
  • Who it’s indicated for and who it is not approved for
  • How it’s intended to be used (Hint: THERAPY must be involved) and what that looks like
  • Case study data
  • How people can get one
  • Is it approved by insurances and Medicare? (Spoiler: You’ll be happy to hear it is!)

The improvements clients are making with the device are incredible! Clients who were slowing or halted in the progress of their upper limb function are making massive improvements in their functional movement with the implantable device paired with intensive occupational therapy. Learn more and spread the word so more people can benefit from the advancements in rehab.

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Lancet MicroTransponder

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