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193: Sowing The Love: Harvesting Wins, Weeding Woes, And Business Shenanigans With NeuroBiz Besties

Dec 25, 2023

As we approach the end of year / new year it’s a great time to think about where you’re going and where you’ve been. Follow along as we discuss what seeds we’ve sown over the past months, what we are celebrating, and what we are removing from our hypothetical gardens with Emily Duval Ledger, Neuro Biz coach. Erin is working to implement the Profit First formula into business and found a company that works as a fractional CFO (aka part time for different companies) for cash based medical companies owned by PTs, OTs, MDs, NDs, etc. Claire is working to implement support groups at Rogue and shares the disappointment of not being selected for a Parkinson Foundation grant.  Emily is pausing on her goal of writing the business book she always wanted to have and shares her process for that.  

Celebrating the fruits of your labor is always a MUST, so we also share our wins. How are you celebrating your harvest? Erin is celebrating the work put into building collaborative partnerships and how it is a win-win for all of us. Claire is celebrating a new funding collaboration, which may end up being even more abundant. She has partnered with a local non-profit so she can offer scholarships to Rogue members. Emily is celebrating the accomplishments of her coaching clients. Many initially came with specific issues and problems and now have crossed those bridges and are finding more stability and happiness in their businesses.  

What are you removing from your life in the next year? Erin is a constant gardener who is always in weeding mode. Claire is building better boundaries around her time and energy. Emily is challenging and removing the limiting beliefs that keep her from growing the way she knows she’s capable.

We’d love to hear your own reflections! We want to celebrate with you as well and hope you take the time to think about the past year and year ahead.

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